3twenty Solutions

3twenty Solutions designs and manufactures steel modular structures for the mining, oil & gas and resource sector. 3twenty's two main products include mining camps and offices. The modular structures are stackable, durable and transportable, making this product unique and functional by providing a 'home-away-from-home' atmosphere. Since its development in May 2009 in Saskatoon, 3twenty Solutions has become an industry leader in customer service and product development. Co-owners Bryan McCrea and Evan Willoughby make innovation a core aspect of their business not only in their leadership strategy, but also on the front lines with their builders and consumers.

What motivates 3twenty Solutions to innovate?

The company's main motivator is the ability to have fun and make decisions that will continually be effective in growing the business. The owners are proud of the economic and employment spinoff generated by their growing business. McCrea and Willoughby hope to continue to be one of Saskatchewan's success stories and to run a business that the province will be proud of. In addition, they want to continue to build a product that Saskatchewan can be proud of on all levels: provincial, national and international.

What is 3twenty Solution's approach to innovation?

Given that the average age of employees is under 30, McCrea and Willoughby bring a new way of thinking to their business. The company is not a conventional construction or manufacturing company; instead, it models other innovative companies, such as Google, that have achieved success in terms of operations management and leadership roles. The company is also innovative in its customer service approach; they encourage the customer to be heavily involved in the development and production phases of the homes, which is a unique aspect compared to other companies in this industry.

What is 3twenty Solution's Saskatchewan advantage?

The owners' view of the 'Saskatchewan Advantage' comes down to the resources the province has. The service they are providing to consumers has a direct relationship to some of the core sectors driving Saskatchewan's economy: mining and oil & gas. They recognize that it's the people who are on the ground that give them an advantage as opposed to what is in the ground. 3twenty Solutions also has a location advantage - the company can get its products to the end consumer quickly and inexpensively. The company has experienced an abundance of province-wide support and has seen first-hand the level of commitment that Saskatchewan businesses have in helping local start-up companies such as 3twenty Solutions be successful.