Ground Effects Environmental

Unique to Saskatchewan and Canada, Ground Effects Environmental (GEE) is a successful company with exceptional capabilities in the removal of pollution and contaminants from soil, sediment and groundwater. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has developed over 70 groundbreaking technologies, offering its services and problem-solving solutions to customers in the oil & gas and mining industries. Based out of Regina, GEE continues to innovate in the process of providing technologies for energy production in Saskatchewan and the world.

What motivates GEE to innovate?

GEE President Sean Frisky believes that the company's motivation to innovate comes from its problem solvers who are passionate about developing innovative technologies and services to resolve customer problems. For GEE employees, seeing a concept develop from a simple drawing to a sophisticated piece of machinery creates a sense of pride and fulfillment as they say, "Hey, we built that."

According to Sean Frisky, "Innovation is the lifeblood of our company," and drives GEE to become the benchmark to which all other companies compare themselves. Innovation is part of GEE's identity, which motivates the company to continue exploring new technologies and services.

What is GEE's approach to innovation?

Innovation at Ground Effects Environmental is driven by the need to develop better technologies. The innovation process begins with an idea on paper or discussed among employees. The process is divided into two stages: one designed for physical testing, the other for market testing. The physical testing stage involves a 3D computer aided drafting (CAD) program to assist in the creation, modification and optimization of the new design. GEE has developed an in-house lab to build and test the feasibility of small prototypes. During this stage, necessary changes are made. The second stage of the process, market testing, is based on customer demand and needs. GEE has been approached by many customers with a wide range of problems and challenges. The company analyzes the problem and develops solutions and technologies based on the situation and client specific needs.

Part of GEE's innovation approach is a weekly innovation meeting, which every employee is encouraged to attend, to brainstorm new ideas for their technologies. Two reasons exist for the weekly meeting: great ideas are generated, and every employee becomes involved in the innovation process. At GEE, an innovative culture has been established, which has allowed employees to be pioneers in the area of environmental clean-up and energy production. The innovation culture is based on interaction and trust among management and employees; consequently, together they explore and discover new possibilities in technology development and services. The impact of innovation has not only been experienced with the company's technologies, but also in its process improvement, which has allowed GEE to become more efficient and profitable.

What is GEE's Saskatchewan advantage?

For GEE, the "Saskatchewan Advantage" involves people. Sean Frisky has been able to put together an effective team to develop services and technologies for environmental remediation, and to attract customers. The thriving business community of Saskatchewan is another reason that GEE has been able to prosper.