A successful company, TinyEYE has been delivering online speech therapy services for over seven years. Due to its business model and innovative software, TinyEYE is recognized as the leader of online speech therapy by being able to provide certified speech-language pathology services in Canada and internationally. With its head office located in Saskatoon, TinyEYE has been able to help young children in many corners of the world overcome speech challenges.

What motivates TinyEYE to innovate?

At TinyEYE, motivation to innovate comes from the understanding that standing still will cause the company to fall behind in the fast-paced business of providing online service software and services. According to Greg Sutton, company co-founder, "If you stop innovating, you stop keeping up with a fast-changing world." Motivation to innovate comes from the TinyEYE mission "To provide the world's most effective speech therapy services, empowering each of our students to graduate as lifelong confident communicators." It is also driven by the need to stay ahead of competitors by delivering services more effectively and efficiently.

What is TinyEYE's approach to innovation?

The initial approach to innovation was based on Greg Sutton's recognition of a problem delivering speech therapy services to children. The first step towards innovation involved designing software to accommodate online delivery of needed services. The next step was building the business infrastructure and process to support the technological advancements for providing online therapy services. This innovative delivery model has enabled TinyEYE to deliver services in more than 12 countries. TinyEYE is now the largest international provider of online speech therapy services. The company uses its custom-built web-based platform with over 200 integrated learning games that are all focused on individual communication challenges. Treating communication disorders in children is the overall goal of the TinyEYE software systems and elite team of speech-language pathologists. The TinyEYE program includes games, tools for reporting and caseload management as well as a Virtual Backpack with therapy homework games that focus on developing early language, reading and writing skills, language concepts and vocabulary. Innovation at TinyEYE has become a daily part of the company culture, and is embedded into its business model. TinyEYE is a process-driven organization; it continuously fine-tunes many of the processes, and are always innovating and improving those processes. According to Greg Sutton, "There is always room for improvement, and innovation is the methodology for improving." As well, the company reinvests its earnings back into research and development to maintain its innovative and competitive edge. At TinyEYE, an innovation culture has been built, but this situation did not happen naturally; it has been established through a focus on resourcefulness and constant improvements.

What is TinyEYE's Saskatchewan advantage?

TinyEYE has benefited from Saskatchewan's business network and its many supportive resources. The company has been able to reach out to mentors in the business community and to supportive organizations to overcome challenges such as financial, marketing or human resource issues. This has enabled the company to become the world leader in delivering online speech-language therapy.