As the COVID-19 situation evolves, more businesses are being affected by the progression and reality of the physical distancing economy. At Innovation Saskatchewan, we are committed to supporting our researchers and tech company founders through this unprecedented time.

As we have been talking to our stakeholders and looking for ways to support our technology companies, it’s become clear that the results of this pandemic are not affecting our companies equally. While some companies are going into hibernation or shutting down, others are carefully moving forward with “business as usual”. Some are even thriving and hiring right now.

One thing we know is that Saskatchewan technology company founders are resilient! Although their original goals and products may not fit our new “physical distancing economy” we know that they will see opportunity in this crisis and find ways to use their existing products and teams to help the world during this time. To spur your imagination, we’ve identified several sectors that could offer potential short-term opportunities in the physical distancing economy:

  • Healthcare: Anything that can help with equipment or the safety and wellness of healthcare providers will be in high demand in the immediate future.
  • E-commerce services: Because everyone is trying their best to physical distance and #StayHome, online orders are booming. Technology will be key to this movement.
  • Education: Online learning is the new norm, so webinars, digital classes, and distance learning are huge market opportunities. Anything that can allow students to safely return to classes would also have extreme market potential.
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets: Solutions that allow these front-line workers to be safe will be very welcome.
  • Transit: Although this one is a bit of a tricky industry to navigate right now, ideas that allow people their space and also allow transit to continue as usual will be in demand, as well.

Innovation Saskatchewan’s goal is to keep our tech community united. To support founders, executives, and employees, we’ve compiled a list of available resources and programs that will be continuously updated as new measures are announced. If you need help pivoting and getting yourself in a position to grow and get ahead, we’re here for you.

Good luck and Stay Safe.