Venuetop: The Largest Venue Booking Platform in Canada

Have you ever tried to book a room for a birthday party, business meeting or event? It’s often difficult to find a location with the right room space and equipment through Google search alone. Venuetop to the rescue! With over 5000 venues in 50 cities, Venuetop is making it easy to find the right place for your event.

Sunil Khandade founded Venuetop after he created a venue booking system for a friend in India.

He saw the potential of offering a similar service for all venues, “The problem is that many locations, like church basements and community halls, do not have a website. If they do, they have to be great at showing up on Google, and many are not.”

Venuetop offers a platform for all venues to upload photos and videos, import Google reviews, track their bookings and add information about amenities like parking and equipment. “Venues don’t need to maintain any tech or a website and they can connect catering options at the same time,” shares Sunil.

Clients receive an equal advantage, as they can compare different locations at once and ensure that they are finding the right place for their event. People can book online and make sure all of the details of the booking are correct. 

“Customers are often are expecting something like a projector but there are often misunderstandings when a location is booked over the phone,” adds Sunil. “We provide a simple way to fix this issue and make sure both the venue and the client are clear on expectations.”

The team has ambitious plans to become the “AirBnB of Venue Booking” for North America, as there is not currently a go-to resource for people booking parties and meetings. As part of the Co.Labs incubator program, the team is accessing the funds and community to continue their growth.

“We love building this company from Saskatoon”, Sunil smiles.  “The community is so supportive and strong.”

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Founder: Sunil Khandade

Incorporated: August 2018

Employees: 3


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