The First 3D Printing Cafe in North America

A deep passion for 3D printing spurred Dustin Maki, Lance Greene, and Duncan Boyes to open Create Cafe 3D Printing + Coffee, located at 21- 510 Circle Drive East in Saskatoon. The Cafe is the first of its kind in North America, although similar spaces have since cropped up in San Francisco, Barcelona and London.

The team has always had the vision to start a 3D printing shop. Maki smiles, “I was fascinated by the opportunities of 3D printing. It is such a dynamic technology.” His partner, Lance Greene confesses, “I’m a 3D printing nerd.  It consumes my life.”

Boyes adds, “I have an artistic attraction to 3D printing. The idea that I could sculpt something on my computer and then have it in my hands within days is amazing.”

The trio focused on setting up an inviting coffee shop to make 3D printing available to everyone. “We wanted it to be a comfortable space so that people want to come in. The current media around 3D printing makes it seem too inaccessible, but this way you can come in and talk to us in a comfortable place and see some projects.”

Create Cafe staff work with you to create your plans and then print the prototypes. You can also bring in your own plans for them to review and print. “We can usually go from idea to in-hand prototype in about a week,” shares Greene.

The applications for 3D printing are endless. Some of their clients have already made cat armour, gold-plated wedding rings and jewelry, dog leashes, and rubber tires.

“We use a lot of materials – nylon and rubber are much more durable. The majority of the prints that we do are on PLA - an environmentally-friendly plastic made out of cornstarch. It really depends on the application,” relates Maki.

The team has shipped their products to the U.S. and China and have plans to open cafes across Canada.

“The future is going to be personalized products,” smiles Maki. “If you can dream it, we can build it.” 

Founders: Dustin Maki, Lance Greene, Duncan Boyes, Thomas Walsh

Incorporation Date: Jan 21, 2016





Employees: 7