Innovation Saskatchewan (IS) may provide one-time funding to organizations, events, programs, activities, or projects that develop and support the innovation economy in Saskatchewan. 

IS strives for meaningful and impactful participation in key events, programs, activities, and projects that advance the innovation ecosystem in the province. IS has responsibility to:

  • support the people and communities of Saskatchewan through sponsorship of events, programs, activities, and/or projects focused on developing and advancing the innovation, research, and technology ecosystem;
  • be fair and equitable in making decisions sponsorship; and,
  • be accountable to the people of Saskatchewan in the expenditure of public funds.

IS supports marketing sponsorship initiatives that fall within two central pillars: 

1) Brand Enhancement - leads public awareness and promotion of the innovation, technology, and research sector, and effectively promotes Innovation Saskatchewan.

2) Advancing Ecosystem - informs and inspires the industry to accelerate growth in the sector, and has a unique or direct link to advancing the innovation value proposition, by increasing engagement in the industry.

IS will assess proposals based on:
1) Objective - clearly supports innovative ecosystem and aligns with IS objectives.
2) Deliverables - are clearly identified, focused, and manageable.
3) Plan to Execute - provide clear direction on milestones/deliverables, include a plan that is feasible with demonstrated organizational capacity to manage the project.
4) Budget - includes detailed budget with reasonable funding request for defined deliverables, and is aligned with available IS budget.
5) Value to Ecosystem - Addresses a critical gap in ecosystem, or includes appropriate solution for the problem identified. 

All final funding decisions are made by the CEO of Innovation Saskatchewan. If you have additional questions, please email sponsorships@innovationsask.ca. We will be in touch as soon as we can.