Innovation Challenge

Connecting Innovators to Government 

Calling all tech start-ups, researchers, entrepreneurs and students! We are looking for your innovative solutions to solve Saskatchewan challenges.

The Innovation Challenge is a program that harnesses the ideas and expertise of startup technology companies, together with government, to rapidly solve public sector challenges and create enhanced citizen experiences.

Saskatchewan is building partnerships with technology companies based on their skills and ideas, not their size or past experience selling to government.  

How does it work? 

We want the province’s best and brightest to propose their innovative solutions to the following challenge: 


Innovation Challenge 

“How can technology be used to monitor the amount of solid waste generated and disposed of in the province?”

Background: Saskatchewan does not have a reporting mechanism to account for waste generated, diverted and disposed of in the province. The majority of Saskatchewan waste management sites or transportation trucks do not have the ability to measure the amount of waste received or diverted.  To support the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy, it is important to understand the volume of waste that is generated in the province and where it ends up.

This challenge will be pursued in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.  


How can I participate?

If you are based in Saskatchewan and have an idea for solving this challenge using existing or new technology, you are invited to submit an expression of interest. Submissions will be evaluated by an internal committee who will select a shortlist of candidates. These shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal and present their solution to an evaluation committee. The committee will select a challenge winner who will begin working with the government partner in March 2019.

What does the winner receive?

The winner will be awarded a 16-week residency period, working side-by-side, government to develop and launch their solution in the Fall of 2019. You will benefit through:

  • A $10,000 grant;
  • The full rights to commercialize the solution and sell into the growing government-technology market;
  • The potential for customer validation and the ability to reference the Government of Saskatchewan as a customer;
  • The potential to contract with the Province to support, license, or maintain the solution created; and,
  • A greater understanding of working with and selling to government entities.

Innovation Challenge - Information Webinar




The deadline to submit expressions of interest is Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Andrew Wahba