Innovation Challenge

Mental Health Technology in Agriculture Innovation Challenge



The Expression of Interest period is now closed. All applications are under review, and applicants will be contacted by Friday, May 8, 2020 if they are successfully shortlisted for the second phase of the challenge. Further announcements about the challenge and the selected winner will be made towards the end of this month/beginning of June.


Calling all tech start-ups, researchers, entrepreneurs and students! We are looking for your innovative solutions to solve Saskatchewan challenges.

The Innovation Challenge is a program that harnesses the ideas and expertise of start-up technology companies to rapidly solve public sector challenges and create enhanced citizen experiences.

Saskatchewan is building partnerships with technology companies based on their skills and ideas, not their size or past experience selling to government. 

How does it work?

We want the province’s best and brightest to propose their innovative solutions to the following challenge:

Innovation Challenge

“What technological solutions can assist Saskatchewan farmers in actively monitoring their mental health?”

Background: This latest Innovation Challenge aims to address a growing concern within Saskatchewan where calls to the farm stress line in 2018-2019 doubled from the previous year. The agriculture industry faces many unique challenges when it comes to mental health/wellness. Farmers and their families live and work in the same location and their daily routines are high stress and vulnerable to many factors outside of their control. This Innovation Challenge aims to find a technological solution that will assist Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers in managing their mental health.

The minimum requirements of the prototype are:

1. enable Saskatchewan farmers to easily input, monitor, and share mental wellness data points; and,

2. recognize and address the unique challenges specific to agricultural technology (such as internet connectivity, etc.)

The Challenge will be led by the Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with Innovation Saskatchewan. Solutions could take many forms including, but not limited to, a mobile phone app, website program, artificial intelligence interface or offline sensor linking to the internet. Since no knowledge of specific agricultural operations is required, this challenge encourages and welcomes relationships between the agriculture industry and other sectors.

How can I participate?

If you are based in Saskatchewan and have an idea for solving this challenge using existing or new technology, you are invited to submit an expression of interest. Submissions will be evaluated by an internal committee who will select a shortlist of candidates. These shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal and to pitch their solution in front of a group of key stakeholders. The committee will select a challenge winner who will begin working with government partners in late spring 2020.

What does the winner receive?

The winner will be awarded a 16-week residency period to develop and launch their solution in the summer of 2020. You will benefit through:

  • A $10,000 grant;
  • The full rights to commercialize the solution and sell into the growing technology market;
  • The potential for customer validation and the ability to reference the Government of Saskatchewan as a customer;
  • The potential to contract with the Province to support, license, or maintain the solution created; and,
  • A greater understanding of working with and selling to independent associations and government entities.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Amanda Sampson