LyteHorse: The Most Advanced Electric Performance Vehicle in the World

Brad Bonk has always had a knack for building unique vehicles such as motorcycles and hot rods. With this creative talent, he created a stand-up vertical rider vehicle designed for golf courses, but after testing it with his brother, Allen Bonk, they saw opportunities to use it for more applications. All of the impressive features and capabilities of the technology led to the two brothers’…

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Tetherport: The Best Referral Management and Business Intelligence Software in Dentistry

As a periodontist, Jill Bashutski has insider knowledge about the challenge of transferring a client from a dentist to a specialist: general offices have to call, fax, email, or text a specialist office, and the patient is often left out of the loop. Every specialist has unique systems which require general offices to adapt to different practices. Frustrated with the inefficiencies and…

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VoIP Spear: Monitoring and Cutting To the Heart of Your Voip Problems

Henry Fernandes has an extensive technology and software development background. He’s written his Master's thesis on quality of service over packet-based networks and has previously founded his own telecommunications company. As he focused on analyzing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in 2008, he saw that customers and service providers were struggling with the quality of…

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