Success Stories


HappyHourHere: Filling Restaurants during their Quiet Times After he sold his green home business, Ronn Lepage was strolling around Honolulu in the middle of the afternoon marvelling at all of the empty restaurants. As an accountant and business consultant, he had been trained to “utilize underutilized assets for profit improvements”.  As he pondered his next business move, he…

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Hyon: Buy + Sell Events, Simplified  Kristy Ehman runs and operates several successful businesses in Regina. As she was trying to streamline the operations for Kiddoz, a consignment company for kids’ items, she developed the idea for Hyon. is software to streamline large sales events.  “These events operate as a huge garage sale – some take over spaces in excess…

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Carma: Skipping the Headache of Buying and Selling Used Vehicles Sadra Abedinzadeh and Capital Auto Group, one of the large automotive dealerships in Canada, are creating a used vehicle marketplace for private buyers and sellers without a need for inventory. Abedinzadeh shares, “There are about 20 million vehicles annually sold in Canada and ten times that in the United States. We want to…

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