Success Stories


Deliverr: Delivering your Day-to-Day Essentials It was a cold winter morning when Birju Patel watched an elderly woman struggle to get her groceries into her home. As he raced to help her, he thought there had to be a better way. After graduating with his Computer Science Degree and working in IT for seven years, he started “At that time, Instacart was booming in the States, but…

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Innocorps: The Best Low Temperature Thermal Water Treatment Option in the World   When you think of superheroes of the future, consider the folks who are working to purify and recycle our water. When they started Innocorps in 2009, Aarya Shahsavar and Alex Chan knew that they wanted to tackle the monumental task of ensuring safe water for the world. “When we started out, we knew that…

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Sherpa ERP

Sherpa ERP: Finally—Software that Manufacturers and Wholesalers Want to Use Managing, growing, and scaling a company’s operations can be complex. Many companies are using outdated inventory systems and spreadsheets to keep track of their operations. Percy Hoff Jr., Megan Dyck, Candice Weingartner, Rick Wingate, and Jason Ratzlaff have founded Sherpa ERP to give these companies the…

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