Tech in the Physical Distancing Economy

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, more businesses are being affected by the progression and reality of the physical distancing economy. At Innovation Saskatchewan, we are committed to supporting our researchers and tech company founders through this unprecedented time. As we have been talking to our stakeholders and looking for ways to support our technology companies, it’s become clear…

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memoryKPR (pronounced Memory Keeper)

  memoryKPR: Keeping Life Stories Alive   Jessica McNaughton’s face lights up as she plays back the recording of her father and her daughter laughing as the two-year-old learns how to count, “one, two, seventeen, eight!” At the time, McNaughton had no idea just how meaningful that captured moment would become for them. Her father passed away a couple of years after that…

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  FieldAlytics: Advanced Profit-Management for Farms   Growing up with farming backgrounds, Devin Dubois, Wilson Johnston, and Ben Copeland have seen how automation and data have changed crop production and planning. As seeders, sprayers, and combines gather continuous data about yields and fields, agricultural analysts are working with the data to help farmers make better financial and…

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