Success Stories

North Star Systems

  North Star Systems: The Only Company with Technology Solutions for Tanks   Across the northern fields of Western Canada, farmers use anhydrous ammonia to fertilize their canola. Aaron Serhan owned an agriculture retail business that moved the tanks of fertilizer from field to field. As he grew his business, he also grew frustrated with keeping track of the tanks and knowing how much…

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EmbraceTech: Helping ALL Canadians With The First Automated and Customized Homebuyers Guide Conrad Neufeldt was a mortgage broker who had the opportunity to close the single largest and single smallest mortgage of his career in one week. Despite making less money on the close of the smaller mortgage, he still felt more pride, “She was a single mother left high and dry and she was trying to…

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Maven Water and Environment

Maven Water and Environment: Next-Level Water Management and Treatment After founding and successfully exiting her last environmental and biotechnology business, Monique Simair has recently started her new venture, Maven Water and Environment. There are some key differences for her company this time around: she is using big data approaches, creating a new testing facility, and implementing…

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