Success Stories


  EchoLotto: Saskatchewan’s Online 50/50 Ticket System   Years ago, Jared Donauer and Paul Burch wished they could buy 50/50 lottery tickets through their smartphones, instead of in-person at an event. As soon as this option became legal, they approached Jody Price at Prairie Advertising in Regina to help them create a platform for nonprofit and community organizations to sell…

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  WesternIM: Helping companies around the world organize their files   In 2005, Darryl Schroeder and Rick Stirling left their full-time jobs in record management to create software to help companies organize their files. From warehouses filled with filing cabinets to computer files saved across many systems and locations, they needed robust solutions to tackle this important problem.…

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Let's Camp

  Let’s Camp: The First Central Place for Booking a Campsite Online in Canada   In 2007, Mike Yasieniuk founded YasTech Developments to create customized websites and apps for clients. As they were building a reservation system for a campground, Yasieniuk realized that many campgrounds could use the technology. The team of nine changed their approach and asked the client if they…

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