Success Stories


Offstreet: The best system to manage complimentary parking in North America If you have ever owned a storefront business, you know how important parking is for your customers. Matt Fahlman and Kyle Smyth created Offstreet to ensure that complimentary client parking is available for clients, not just people looking for free parking. Prior to Offstreet, there was not an easy way to manage free…

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Farm Boys

FarmBoys Design Corp: Feeding the World (with a low carbon footprint) Visitors to Innovation Place in Saskatoon may have noticed a large white shipping container in the parking lot near Boffins. The FarmBoys team have been working with international partners to create a method of food distribution that will help populations from Northern Saskatchewan to Qatar independently grow and monitor the…

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Curbie: Revolutionizing the Car Buying Experience Alex Cruder and Brent Gudelot have a vision to make the used car buying experience better. As Gudelot explains, “Car sales is one of the areas where the method hasn’t changed. You can look at car sales from a hundred years ago and the process is still the same.” The duo has created, the first fully-licenced online…

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