GravelHUB: Revolutionizing the Entire Gravel Industry

While building a career in industrial construction and mining, Tyler Knock worked with earth and aggregates regularly. Aggregates are gravel, rock, sand, concrete, and natural products that come out of the ground. During a project bidding on a 200 mega-watt wind farm, Knock needed a massive amount of gravel but did not know who to contact in the area. He talked to farmers, asked local people, and…

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VIDO-InterVac and the Response Against COVID-19

VIDO-InterVac studies emerging human and animal infectious diseases with a focus on vaccine development. Originally established as the Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization in 1975, VIDO-InterVac has evolved from a small agricultural focused research organization to a world-class research institute dedicated to the development of vaccines for the protection of human and animal health. Today,…

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Battlesnake: From the Traditional Game To an Exciting Coding Competition

Anyone familiar with classic mobile phones or old school arcade games has played Snake—a long, pixelated creature that you control to pick up food and try to avoid hitting its tail as it grows during gameplay. This simple concept has been around for decades and has slithered its way into many different consoles and platforms, including the world of computer programming. Battlesnake has…

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