Success Stories


BetterCart Technologies: The only price comparison site for grocery shopping in Canada Melanie Morrison watched a young mother put one item at a time through the grocery line until she reached her budget. Melanie felt empathy for this woman because she, too, had experienced difficulty buying the food she needed at various times in her life. Melanie knew there had to be a better way for people to…

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Todai: Tech for Measuring Real-Time Employee Satisfaction Joel Pinel and his team at Wow Factor Media created the Todai video app to crowdsource market research for small businesses.  Their hope was that happy clients would share their stories about great products through video on the platform. After a few months of testing, they realized that there was a better opportunity to gather data…

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Gentle Processing

Gentle Processing™: Putting the “Whole” Back in Food Michael Drabiuk is a naturopathic doctor with a focus on oncology. He has led a couple of successful nutrition-based businesses and is now focused on the role of food processing as part of a healthy diet. “Nature has the ingredients and micronutrients to help us to stay healthy. Unfortunately, many of our processing…

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