Previous Innovation Challenges

Interested in learning more about previous Innovation Challenges?

Here are the ones we've done in the past:

January 2018 - Waste Diversion Challenge

“How can technology be used to monitor the amount of solid waste generated and disposed of in the province?”


Saskatchewan does not have a reporting mechanism to account for waste generated, diverted and disposed of in the province. The majority of Saskatchewan waste management sites or transportation trucks do not have the ability to measure the amount of waste received or diverted.  To support the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy, it is important to understand the volume of waste that is generated in the province and where it ends up.

This challenge will be pursued in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.  

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Fall 2017 - Rural Crime Innovation Challenge

“How can technology be used as a solution to improve the safety and security of rural citizens and rural property?”

Safety = beyond confrontation / removing confrontation

Security = the comfort [for the citizen] of knowing the solution is there


The Ministry of Justice is responsible for promoting adequate and effective policing throughout Saskatchewan; the preservation of peace, prevention for crime, efficiency of police and improvement of police relationships with Saskatchewan communities.

Rural Saskatchewan residents have real and perceived concerns surrounding their personal safety and the security of their property.

Residents have expressed that the combination of slow response times to calls for service and lack of police visibility and presence has caused rural residents, including farmers and their families, to live in fear or protect themselves by taking emergent matters into their own hands.

The Ministry of Justice and Innovation Saskatchewan are looking for technology solutions to prevent and proactively respond to these issues.


Jeff Shirley of Saskatoon was chosen as the winner of the Rural Crime Innovation Challenge.  His solution, BeeSecure, is an app and small component that is attached to a piece of property.  The small device sends a text message and GPS data to the owner’s cell phone and the app when an object moves. The hardware does not require permanent power or the internet to alert the owner of unusual activity of their property.  To find out more, see