Innovation Saskatchewan is proud to support events and activities that strengthen the province’s technology ecosystem and research sectors

Saskatchewan has cultivated an innovation community where great minds converge to learn, practice and grow. We invest in activities that produce multiplier effects for a tech and research landscape that is as robust as it is hospitable.

What types of initiatives does Innovation Saskatchewan support?

We provide one-time funding to organizations, events, programs, activities or projects that develop and support the innovation economy in Saskatchewan. 

While there are many worthwhile organizations and causes, we focus on areas that benefit the province’s innovation, research and technology ecosystem.


How are sponsorship proposals reviewed by Innovation Saskatchewan?

When evaluating sponsorship proposals, we consider:

  • Alignment: How well does the event's purpose match with the mission and mandate of Innovation Saskatchewan?
  • Clarity and Feasibility: Has the proposal clearly outlined the event's objectives and shown that the requesting organization has the ability to successfully oversee the event?
  • Detailed Request: Does the proposal provide a comprehensive sponsorship plan and/or customizable sponsorship opportunities along with specific outcomes and benefits?
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Is the funding being sought justified as a prudent and accountable expenditure of public money?

Please note that sponsorship proposal review and response may take 2-4 weeks.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at sponsorships@innovationsask.ca.


Innovation Saskatchewan is responsible for ensuring decisions are fair, equitable, and accountable. Certain sponsorships will not be supported, including politicians or political organizations, religious organizations promoting beliefs or causes, charities headquartered outside Saskatchewan and events receiving significant support from other Crowns, agencies or government departments.


Sponsored event at Boffins in Saskatoon
Sponsored event
Uniting the Prairies Conference