Claiming the Tax Credit

To Claim a Tax Credit


  Step 1:   Receive a tax credit certificate from Innovation Saskatchewan.

  Step 2:   File your personal or corporate income tax return for the year in which the investment was made.

  Step 3:   Once you have received a Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency, complete an STSI Claim Form.                               Use the button below to access the form:  

STSI Claim Form

  Step 4:   Submit the following documents to the Ministry of Finance:

  • Tax Credit Certificate(s) as issued by Innovation Saskatchewan;
  • STSI Claim Form; and,
  • Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency

  Step 5:  The Ministry of Finance will verify the claim and provide a rebate calculation in accordance with the program                                         legislation.


STSI Claim Forms and supporting documentation may be emailed or mailed to:



            Ministry of Finance

            Revenue Division

            PO Box 200

            REGINA SK S4P 1Z6


Processing Time for STSI Claim Forms:

  • The Ministry of Finance is committed to processing STSI claims according to the Taxpayer Service Commitments and                 Standards Code.
  • To obtain a refund, an investor is required to provide complete and accurate information regarding their claim.
  • Once a refund amount has been established, it will be processed within 21 business days. 
  • If your refund is not processed within 21 business days, please contact the Program Administrator at                                         
  • If your refund claim is denied, you will be notified of the reason by letter.