International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII), on behalf of its member companies and Innovation Saskatchewan, today announced Prairie Machine & Parts Mfg.’s (PMP) Hardrock Gopher prototype as the winner of IMII’s inaugural Innovation Award. The Gopher has been designed for tough mining conditions, with the objective of replacing diesel‐powered vehicles with a safer, cleaner, more robust electric vehicle. Read more here

A prototype of the Hardrock Gopher can be viewed today at the 10th Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon – Hall C, Booth 207/208.

About the Innovation Award

PMP’s Hardrock Gopher was selected from among several prototypes submitted by Saskatchewan supply chain companies as it offers a noteworthy value proposition to the minerals industry in both reducing GHG and other air emissions, and enhancing safety in underground operations. It is currently under trial, and the company is prepared to take commercial orders.

“The IMII announced its new awards program to recognize outstanding innovations of benefit to the Saskatchewan minerals industry. We are very pleased, that in this inaugural year, the Best Prototype Award is going to a well‐established Saskatchewan supply chain company with not only a history of providing solutions to our minerals industry, but also the ability to commercialize innovations in battery electric vehicles,” says Al Shpyth, Executive Director of the IMII.

“Saskatchewan’s mineral resources and mining sector are a cornerstone of the economy, generating billions of dollars in revenue and employing tens of thousands of people,” Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Tina Beaudry‐Mellor said. “Congratulations to Prairie Machine & Parts on winning this important award which provides the opportunity to recognize the innovative spirit of all who contribute to the province’s success and strong reputation in mining.”


About IMII

International Minerals Innovation Institute is a unique innovation supporting network of mining companies, government departments and agencies, and post‐secondary and research institutions, jointly funded by industry and government. It exists to deliver innovations that matter to mining in Saskatchewan.

Through the Board of Directors and separate panels for both education and training and research and development, collaboration occurs amongst industry, government, post‐secondary and research institutions to clearly define the need, solution, implementation plan and outcomes together.

About Innovation Saskatchewan

Innovation Saskatchewan is an innovation catalyst serving the needs of individuals, companies and institutions, as well as enhancing the role and benefits of innovation in Saskatchewan through:
- Developing an environment that encourages and accelerates innovation;
- Enhancing the ability of the private sector to innovate and implement innovations, leading to the commercialization of new, high value‐added products and improved competitiveness; and
- Fostering coordinated public‐sector research, development and technology transfer targeted at economic growth for Saskatchewan.

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