Innovation Saskatchewan invested $92,500 in four technology pilot projects through the Made in Saskatchewan Technology (MIST) program in 2023-24 fiscal year. The MIST funding was matched by project partners allowing startups to leverage an additional $92,500. This marks a milestone as the program has deployed its highest funding allocation since its inception in 2019.

The program funding matches project costs up to $30,000 for companies to pilot their technology with Government Ministries, Agencies, Crown Corporations, as well as Saskatchewan non-profit organizations and municipalities.

“Saskatchewan companies are creating cutting-edge technologies which creates a substantial impact on key sectors,” Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Jeremy Harrison said. “MIST allows startups to successfully launch new innovations with public partners to drive economic growth, improve service delivery, and create new jobs across our province.”

MIST funding is supporting four pilot projects that are at various stages of implementation:

“Innovation Saskatchewan is proud to support the continued growth of our province’s tech sector with the MIST program, which offers Saskatchewan-based technology companies a unique opportunity for collaboration with our government services,” said Kari Harvey, CEO of Innovation Saskatchewan. “The growing popularity of this program and adoption of Saskatchewan technologies truly shows Saskatchewan's competitive advantage: a robust tech sector that embraces startups, small businesses, and large corporate players, and a collaborative environment where the private sector works with governments to get things done.”

MIST is among the few programs in Canada that directly supports Saskatchewan startups as they work to solve public sector challenges with innovative solutions. The program aims to create a win-win situation by giving startups the opportunity to work with a large customer, while giving project partners the opportunity to improve service delivery with a local solution.

Since 2019, MIST has committed more than $162,000 to technology pilot projects by Saskatchewan-based technology companies whose products may improve public service delivery within the Government of Saskatchewan.

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