The Government of Saskatchewan is modifying its Made in Saskatchewan Technology Program (MIST) to help startups connect with more government organizations and support more complex projects. Previously, companies that were successful in the program were awarded a contract of up to $10,000 to have their technology piloted by government. Under the program changes, successful companies can now receive up to $30,000 in total for up to three pilot projects. 

"The MIST program supports the Saskatchewan startup tech industry while improving government service delivery," Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Jeremy Harrison said. "Startup tech companies often find it difficult to find their first big customer. Our unique Made in Saskatchewan Technology Program gives our thriving startup tech community further opportunity to work with a large customer in government."

Launched in 2019, MIST connects the Provincial Government to Saskatchewan technology-based companies whose products may improve government service delivery. MIST benefits Saskatchewan tech startup companies by providing them with the opportunity to receive feedback from and have their technology tested by subject matter experts in government. 

SkillShark, now an athlete evaluation software company, previously participated in MIST and worked with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, as well as the Public Service Commission.

"The MIST program made us aware of new applications for our evaluation software," SkillShark founder Neil Anderson said. "This  spotlighted our software's transferability and usefulness in other areas, making SkillShark a much more competitive company within the sports industry."

Saskatchewan-based companies are eligible for the program if they have annual revenue under $500,000, 30 or less employees, and have technology ready to be implemented with a government partner. Currently, 25 companies have been pre-approved to participate in MIST, with seven of those companies successfully matched with government partners and have completed or are currently working on pilot projects.

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