Innovation Saskatchewan is providing $100,000 to Startup TNT (TNT) to increase early-stage capital available for tech startups in Saskatchewan. TNT is a Prairies-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting tech startups and stimulating investment.  

This tech ecosystem funding will support TNT’s four investment summits in 2023-24, including the Great Prairies Pitch Marathon in August 2023, the Saskatchewan Investment Summit VIII in September 2023 and the Agtech Investment Summit II in January 2024. The Saskatchewan Investment Summit VII took place last month and saw Omnee Technologies secure over $250,000 from TNT investors.

Since expanding into Saskatchewan in 2021, TNT has facilitated investment of over $2.2 million in 21 Saskatchewan tech startups from 130 investors. Over $800,000 was secured from out-of-province investors, further increasing the capital available to these startups.

“Startup TNT has been a key driver of increased angel investment activity in the province,” Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Jeremy Harrison said. “We look forward to working together and supporting the many Saskatchewan tech startups that continue to be catalysts for job creation and economic development.”

The funding will also help bolster TNT’s impact on Saskatchewan’s investment and tech ecosystem through further recruitment of new investors, increased capital investment in startups, and continued growth of the tech community.

“The support of Innovation Saskatchewan helps us do what we do best: connect new and experienced angel investors with startups and entrepreneurs,” Startup TNT Co-Founder Zack Storms said. “Our upcoming summits provide an opportunity to make these connections that ultimately strengthen the local startup community and innovation-driven economy.”

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