Sherpa ERP: Finally—Software that Manufacturers and Wholesalers Want to Use

Managing, growing, and scaling a company’s operations can be complex. Many companies are using outdated inventory systems and spreadsheets to keep track of their operations. Percy Hoff Jr., Megan Dyck, Candice Weingartner, Rick Wingate, and Jason Ratzlaff have founded Sherpa ERP to give these companies the tools they need to succeed and help them grow their business. 

“Business owners often keep everything in their head,” explains Hoff. “If we can provide a software that assures them the business is running the best it can, we consider this a success.”

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The Sherpa ERP software offers tracking and reporting for customer information, inventory and sales orders. The software also works with Sage and QuickBooks to show how your financial returns are lining up with your processes.

“Business data is so important, it can help you find efficiencies and make smarter business decisions,” adds Dyck. “We’re creating something that is simple and more cost-effective for small businesses, so they have the ability to make data driven decisions.”

One of Sherpa’s clients was manufacturing pet food and taking orders using pen and paper. They would get a call or email and then put orders into place. When Sherpa ERP automated their sales order process, the company estimated that they saved sixty-seven hours a week on administration and shipping processes.

Based in Saskatoon, the team of eight are intending to become the main ERP provider for manufacturers and wholesalers in Saskatchewan and then move into markets across North America. “We don't want to be large enterprise focused like some of the more traditional ERP competitors. We want to maintain our focus on small and medium business...,” shares Hoff. “We want to help these companies achieve their goals.”

A recent winner of the SABEX award for new business venture, the team intends to grow their market share from Saskatoon. “It’s a close-knit and supportive business community,” shares Hoff.  “If you can prove your software here, you can prove it anywhere.”

Sherpa ERP

Founders: Percy Hoff Jr., Megan Dyck, Candice Weingartner, Rick Wingate, Jason Ratzlaff

Incorporated: June 2018

Employees: 8


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