Agrimatics: The Most Popular Grain Weighing and Data Management System in North America

Ian Meier and Michael Lockerbie were engineers frustrated with the clunky electronic systems used in the industrial and agricultural industries. “Smartphones and tablets have a modern and intuitive user interface; why can’t we leverage them for use in industrial and agricultural applications?” shares Meier.

The two evaluated all of the potential markets that could benefit from better electronic design and created Agrimatics to provide electronic and software products for the agriculture sector. Their use of tablets and smartphones is changing the industry.

Agrimatics’ first product was Libra Cart, a grain cart weighing and data management system. The grain cart operator uses a mobile device to maintain an ongoing record of crops and instantly communicate the amount of grain harvested with the farmer.

“There are all sorts of people driving grain carts. This system takes all concern out of it and collects data reliably. The farmers rely on the information in our product for their inventory and how they market their grain,” explains Lockerbie.

Farmers are agreeing with the approach. One tweets “Bought the Agrimatics system for our grain cart scale. Finally a program that’s simple and works fantastic.” Another agrees, “I’ve really enjoyed using the app. It’s made harvest life much, much easier. Worth every penny.”

The Agrimatics founders saw the potential to revolutionize beef and dairy feeding and their team of seven has recently released Libra TMR, a way for operations to manage their feed rations. Coupling existing mobile technology with advanced software has made it easy for producers to plan, monitor and maintain records about their feeding process.

“The big transformation in agriculture used to be chemicals and breeding to improve productivity. Farmers who did not adopt new practices were left behind. The next jump in agriculture is data. Not just for individual farmers but also to aggregate information across farms. We want to lead this revolution.” Meier shares passionately. 

The Saskatchewan-based team is aggressively developing new products and markets. “Right now we are being used across North America, but our plan is to be global in the next few years.”

Founder: Ian Meier and Michael Lockerbie

Incorporation Date: October 2012