BrewNinja: The Simplest Way To Get Piece of Mind for Your Brewery

Shea Martin is passionate about the craft beer movement in Saskatchewan. One night, a friend stood him up because he had to spend hours filling out a special tax forms for his craft brewery. With a background in engineering and accounting systems, Martin set out to create software that could streamline his friend’s workload.

BrewNinja is a platform that helps with inventory management, sales (account based and retail), keg tracking, production scheduling, traceability of product and tap room specific point of sale.

“There was an opportunity to create a niche-specific software solution to help them out,” shares Martin. “I started building it as a hobby, but when the brewery started to mature and needed a system, they started using it regularly. It’s been solving one problem after another for them and I have started to reach out to other breweries to see if I can help them, as well.”

The brewery’s testimonial says it all. “Brew Ninja simply works. It is the District’s backbone and really simplifies our day to day. No more white boards and tallying sales counts. My personal favourite functionality is the tax reports. Automatically calculated, instant and accurate!”

The Regina based team of three are in the process of selling their software to breweries across Canada with the goal of being “the” software used to keep brewery processes organized and easy.  They currently have their software in use at over five breweries.  They intend to continue to grow their business from Saskatchewan.

“The biggest advantage is that you don’t get lost in the shuffle. You can access IRAP and other funding easily here,” he also smiles and adds. “Plus, the timing is right because it is also the rise of craft brewing in Saskatchewan and I love being a part of it.”


Incorporation Date: August 1, 2017

Founder: Shea Martin

Number of Employees: 3


Twitter @BrewNinjaApp

Instagram @BrewNinjaApp