Brillist's Software is your Project's Best Friend

When Sheila Maithel took over her father’s software company and renamed it Brillist, she continued the incredible work of changing the way that manufacturers and construction companies get their projects done.

“Most projects are late and go over budget,” she explains. “Our project optimization software makes sure that doesn’t happen. Brillist ensures that projects are done ahead of schedule and below budget.”

There can be millions of ways to get a large-scale project done but some ways are better than others. Brillist's software analyzes all of the options and shows the best and most efficient way to complete the project. “It compares hundreds of thousands of different 'future universes' and tells you how to complete the rest of the project to get that better 'future universe," shares Maithel. "You get a schedule in the format you already know, and execute as usual - just everything is smoother, less costly, and done faster."

“As we work with our clients, our minimum non-material cost savings has been 5.7% and we have gone up to 25% cost savings on some projects,” she smiles. “One client brought us on when the project was already running late. It was scheduled to be completed in twelve months and with our software, they got it done in nine months.”

Based in Saskatoon, the team of five are working with clients from around Canada. Clients report higher profits, being able to bid more competitively, and less stress on project managers as they can react to surprises like equipment breaking down or a subcontractor not delivering on time, and still come out ahead. “Everyone becomes more civil because you can look at our optimized schedules and know the answers based on facts rather arguing over opinions,” Maithel adds.

“We’ve been described as a secret weapon. We are working on really valuable projects where it really matters if you are done early,” she continues. “We want to be the standard in project management. When you know you can be done early and under budget, why wouldn't you? When we hear from our customers about how our software made a difference, it is one of the best things in the world.”

Brillist CEO


Founder: Ravi Maithel

CEO: Sheila Maithel

Incorporation Date: October 2000

Team Size: 5


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