Deliverr: Delivering your Day-to-Day Essentials

It was a cold winter morning when Birju Patel watched an elderly woman struggle to get her groceries into her home. As he raced to help her, he thought there had to be a better way. After graduating with his Computer Science Degree and working in IT for seven years, he started

“At that time, Instacart was booming in the States, but there was nothing in Canada where you could get everything delivered to you,” shares Patel. “When we started our basic service in Regina, we got four hundred users in three months without any advertising, so I knew that I needed to make this happen.” 

In less than a year, they acquired 3500 customers and over 12,000 deliveries.

Deliverr is an online marketplace that delivers essentials like liquor, groceries, takeout, flowers and gifts. “We don’t deliver 2 x 4’s from Home Depot, but if your order can be carried by one person, we can deliver it to you,” smiles Patel. The team aims to have your purchased goods at your doorstep in as little as an hour.

Patel expected busy professionals and businesses to be Deliverr’s main markets, and he’s been surprised at the additional demand from people with accessibility issues. He shares the story of a woman who had a Tim Horton’s coffee delivered at 7 am. When Patel personally delivered that order, he saw a young woman in a wheelchair. “She could only move her fingers and she ordered a double, double. Accessibility was a challenge and it was a huge trouble for her to get a coffee in the winter. I never thought of that.”

As the company plans to conquer mid-sized cities in Canada, two of the company’s six employees have recently relocated to Calgary to expand operations there. Within the year, Deliverr plans to expand to Edmonton and Saskatoon.

Patel is enthusiastic about keeping Regina as a base of operations as “Regina was a great place to start and make sure our system was clean before we scaled into other cities. Our early customers were okay with our mistakes and they provided great feedback.” He also adds, “Plus, no one wants to go outside during our brutal winters so that makes us a perfect solution.”


Founders: Birju Patel

Incorporation Date: March 2017

Number of Employees: 6


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