Public Space Pioneers 

When the Regina entrepreneurs behind FrontRunner Technologies envision the future, they see the widespread use of a system they have developed that will revolutionize both real estate and content creation in the world today, engaging the public like never before.

The Frontrunner team has recently launched its FireFly Illumination Platform - a system that projects ads, art, film, news and sports onto store and building windows from the inside-out. “Think of our installations mini-Time Squares for windows everywhere” shares the founders.

“Ad agencies, news organizations, art groups, film producers, as well as realtors are big believers in our transformative content delivery model,” says co-founder Nathan Elliott. “Just as expected, empty spaces are being leased out more quickly because of the attention the projections draw to them. Further, the public is now congregating around empty spaces to view content like ads, news casts, and even old movies – a real case study in heightening social capital.”

To start using the service, building owners and landlords nation-wide create an online profile for their mostly-empty properties using a recently-launched WindowFront web app. Content creators then use the app to select location(s), and then directly upload content that is projected into selected window fronts.  To ensure a clear image, the team covers windows with a special projection film allowing them to project real time content onto the window from the inside of the building, preventing issues such as: light pollution, distractions for drivers, and weather-related problems for the projection system. 

“One of our most powerful examples of window art we have deployed was a recent photo exhibit where we collaborated with Hani Al Moulia, a blind photographer and Syrian refugee,” smiles Elliott. “This compelling project – unveiled at their national launch event in Toronto in the spring -- showcased 150 faces of Syrian newcomers for Canada’s 150th anniversary – a timely human interest piece. As you can see, we can now share exciting stories in a brand-new way using the platform.”

Team members have a philosophical approach to their work, “the ultimate goal is to create fertile public spaces where ideas can intermingle, mutate and fuse by bringing light to dark space.” Their goal is to revolutionize the way that people experience public space through a delivery approach they have termed PopUp Media.

As they go about their mission from their “garage-style office” in Regina, they plan to grow their company in the province. “We want to be a Saskatchewan success story – and for now we are focusing on engaging Canadian markets. As we grow, we have the ability to do international work right from Saskatchewan.”

Founders: Nathan Elliott, Dwayne Melcher, Mark Kowlayk, Eben Hamilton, Lorne Piett, Guy Tallman, Janet Weiss, Dirk Dovell and Wayne Lorche

Incorporation Date: July 2017



Employees:  20-25