Countless conversations about energy use and the possibility of making more informed consumption decisions sparked Mike Tate, Dean Clark, and Jared Lukomski to find a sustainable solution. The group was determined to provide energy management systems to help buildings conserve water, electricity, and gas, which led to the creation of Greenwave Innovations.

“Greenwave isn’t a renewable energy company, but rather a long-term energy management consulting service,” Tate explains. “We don’t come and do an audit and leave. We use real-time data to collaborate with business owners to make facilities more efficient and help them reduce energy costs.”

Greenwave Innovations collects data in a non-intrusive way to find the best way to make energy-efficient changes to a building. With electrical engineering backgrounds, Dean and his wife Terri developed the process by which Greenwave connects to the energy distribution systems within facilities and pulls real and accurate measurements of water, electricity, and gas, allowing businesses and building owners to make better decisions to run more efficiently.

Going beyond the clear benefits of saving on utility bills, the software is also designed to support predictive maintenance, send real-time alerts within minutes, and ensure the readiness of safety and emergency systems. “Workplaces are shifting from reactive maintenance to being more productive and predictive,” says Clark. “Pick your area of interest, and we’ll uncover a layer of value.”

Tate shares that the Greenwave technology is suitable for everyone, “Our clients are anyone who uses energy and desires to use it more effectively. We want to support Saskatchewan’s environmental plan through economic means.” They have created partnerships and working agreements with SaskTel, SaskEnergy, SaskPower and SGI and are now delivering solutions to the Regina International Airport, and many other private businesses throughout the province and beyond. They initially piloted their solution with The Keg Steakhouse + Bar in Regina, where they helped reduce their electrical usage and carbon footprint by 25% in their 5,000–6,000 square foot restaurant space.

When COVID-19 shut everything down, Greenwave used its energy management system to help the building operators of Melfort’s Northern Lights Palace Pool and Arena reduce electrical usage by an additional 30% through the implementation of opportunities identified by the data. “In addition to the electrical savings of ~ $2,500 / month, we have used real-time consumption data to identify and repair various water leaks in the facility equating to 1.6M Gallons of water saved per year!” smiles Clark.

“Data drives the next layer of the business, and we just keep adding onto it,” Clark explains. Greenwave started with a restaurant, but they’ve since expanded into larger commercial and industrial facilities as well as solutions applicable to entire communities and municipalities. “Greenwave is very excited about our 16 schools project in partnership with Saskatchewan’s Education Ministry where we hope to inspire the next generation of efficiency innovators!”

Greenwave’s most recent product development is the creation of public engagement dashboards which are customized to help their clients “Tell their Story!”. Live consumption data, renewable generation metrics, environmental impacts, real-time social media and marketing content are strategically on display to engage the general public, employees, tenants, executives and investors.

Saskatchewan’s unique ability to connect people makes it a great place to gain momentum and grow. The tech community is collaborative, and everyone listens to the best objectives for the betterment of the province. “People appreciate a common-sense approach here where we can use data to add value,” says Tate. “When you demonstrate your value to one company, they will reference your accomplishments to the next."


Dan Clark Speaking at COP25
Dean Clark speaking at COP25 – UN Climate Change Convention in Madrid (2019). Clark was recommended by the Government of Saskatchewan and accepted by the Government of Canada a Canadian delegate.

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Founders: Mike Tate, Dean Clark, Jared Lukomski

Incorporation Date: February 2017

Employees: 10