HackRegina - Creating Connections within Regina's tech Community

What started as a simple Slack channel to stay in touch with colleagues has now become an association for Regina’s growing tech community. In January 2017, founder David Crossman simply wanted an easy way to connect and collaborate with local developers. “I was inspired by work done a few years ago, where people organized hackathons and other events in the city,” says Crossman. “The momentum fizzled out, and I wanted to get it back.”

Crossman started by creating a HackRegina Slack channel, open to the whole tech community. The Regina tech sector embraced the idea, and in the first month, the channel had 30 members. By October 2018, the official HackRegina group has more than 217 members and is still growing. “People love that we can come together in person and online to share ideas, experiences and knowledge,” says Crossman. “We’re bringing the community together in an important way.”

Crossman and two more volunteers have turned HackRegina into a non-profit association, and have big plans for the future. “We’re already hosting events, such as our Code Together co-working night, and our first HackRegina-sponsored Hackathon in early 2019, but we are planning to run more events throughout the year,” says Crossman.   A formal annual general meeting is on the horizon, and there are plans for a series of workshops with topics and speakers relevant to developers both new and experienced.

As the organization builds capacity and formalizes itself, the volunteers behind it have goals for the future in mind. “Not only do we want to help working developers here, we also want to shine a light on the hidden tech sector in Regina,” says Crossman. Regina’s tech community is small, but thriving and growing faster than most people think. HackRegina wants to show aspiring developers, the business community and the public that tech is not just found in Toronto, Vancouver and the Silicon Valley. Great things are happening in Regina, and there are opportunities right here at home.

“I see HackRegina as a hub, and a place for anyone in the tech sector to communicate, collaborate and network,” says Crossman. “The enthusiasm is there, and now we’re making sure we can sustain it long-term.” To learn more about HackRegina and to join (membership is free!), visit hackregina.com.


Founder: David Crossman

Founded: 2018

Website: www.hackregina.com

Slack: HackRegina

Facebook @HackRegina