Hyon: Buy + Sell Events, Simplified 

Kristy Ehman runs and operates several successful businesses in Regina. As she was trying to streamline the operations for Kiddoz, a consignment company for kids’ items, she developed the idea for Hyon. Hyon.ca is software to streamline large sales events. 

“These events operate as a huge garage sale – some take over spaces in excess of 50,000 square feet. These large-scale events sell millions of dollars a day operating on the backs of 400+ volunteers”, explains Ehman. “We are developing a software solution to alleviate the volunteer hours spent on tagging, coordinating volunteers, and managing payouts.”

The current standard for operating these sales are incredibly time-consuming. Masking tape is used to identify the seller, item, and price. Some events even require sellers to pre-address and stamp an envelope for the cheque to be mailed out at the end. Shoppers often wait hours in line to pay for their items due to inefficient systems.

“We are removing the headaches from running these massive events,” shared Ehman. “Anywhere where communities come together to sell used items, there will be an opportunity to utilize our platform.”

Hyon currently has confirmation from ten events in the fall and they’re developing their software with direct input from their customers. “What makes us so unique is that our market is ready and waiting for us.”

The company has five employees, was a finalist at the 24-hour Startup in Regina and won the Co.Launch finale in Saskatoon.

“There are so many advantages to starting a company in Regina,” she adds. “It’s tough to access mentors and funding in British Columbia where I grew up. In Saskatchewan, the community floods in to support you and helps find connections to the right people. I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of this tech eco-system.”

Having a supportive community will be important for the team to accomplish its overall vision. “Give our team five years – we’re on a mission to redefine the term ‘consignment’. Hyon will become a hyper-localized buy and sell marketplace. Our long-term goal is the world without landfills.”

Founders:  Kristy Ehman

Employees: 5

Incorporation Date: March 2019

Webiste: www.Hyon.ca