Dirk Propp started his career by travelling around the world teaching English. As he travelled, he gained an appreciation of the advantages of living and working in Canada. He decided to dedicate his efforts to helping others experience and work in this beautiful country, so he created Immigrate Software.

“If you’re international, trying to get help to work in Canada is challenging,” Propp explains. “It’s tough to find a specific person, and people often get taken advantage of. We bring in Canadian experts and share their services internationally so that anyone in the world can get help for a standard price.”

Immigrate Software is a marketplace of regulated, insured, and licensed immigration specialists that can provide trusted advice and guidance in the immigration process. Users can pick a consultant that speaks their language and choose a specialist for the type of application type that they require. Immigrate automates the experience for fast, professional, and accurate results.

“The software saves a lot of time; the automation technology takes twenty hours and turns it into a two-hour process,” Propp explains. “Having an accurate data space means we’re able to reuse an applicant's data for each of their necessary forms concerning different services.”

The built-in data validation tech tells people what information is missing and prepares information so people can meet the application requirements. “One mistake can cause detrimental results, so more eyes and automation can make all the difference,” adds Propp.

By offering a suite of products such as Recruitment Software, Immigration Software, and Case Management Software, people applying are guided toward the highest chance of success for immigrating. Once applicants choose what’s right for their needs, they are matched with appropriate consultants, employers, or staffing agencies. The transparency of the software allows them to follow along during the entire process.

Since Immigrate has launched, they’ve processed over 1,200 applications through the platform. The team currently speaks nine different languages, and as they expand that, the team is also growing its roster of experts in different niches.

“We recently got a $60,000 government fee application approved!” Propp shares excitedly. “They initially hired us for 1 application, but it was such a great experience for them that they hired us for another 40 people. We were able to help 20 Mexicans immigrate to Canada within two and a half weeks from this experience.”

With all of the data in one place, the Immigrate team also helped this same application stream get eight more work permits extended and the opportunity to bring 60 more people.

The platform makes the process easier all around. For employers, they get to see when contracts are expiring, when to renew permits, shortlist applicants, easily invite people for interviews, and more. For applicants, they can see how long their application has been in process, easily get in touch with the people that they need to contact, and find out what they need to fill out.

The Immigrate team is focused on building their international network and connecting with affiliates that offer the platform within their businesses. In the future, they are looking into additional countries, as well as exploring software that can switch from one application to another based on data.

Having graduated from the Co.Lab Co.Link program after raising 300K, Immigrate is excited to continue to the Co.Lead scaleup program. With this program support and boost in raising funds, Immigrate is a shining example of how Co.Labs is helping to lay the groundwork in building a thriving tech ecosystem in our province.

Being born and raised in Saskatchewan, Propp is proud to be practicing what he preaches as he grows his family here and helps others bring their families to expand our province. “We have unlimited potential for growth here,” Propp says. “With one of the best provincial nominee programs in Canada and our strong tech industry, there are endless opportunities!”


Founders: Dirk Propp

Incorporation Date: December 2017

Employees: 17


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