Krugo: The End of Ten-Tab Trip Planning

Kirk Morrison has organized many trips for “the boys.” The planning required to organize a group’s event schedule, restaurant reservations, tours, hotels and travel can be overwhelming for the person that falls into the role of organizer. Oftentimes, they are left using spreadsheet templates and “ten tabs open on their computer” to keep track of all of the details.

Morrison’s team of four and cofounder, Andrew Cretin, have created Krugo, the app for group travel.  Groups of any size can benefit from the platform. “Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, your family, your spouse, friends from University and teams can all use it. We are gearing the app towards people looking to build trips around concerts and sports events, but it also works for camping, or any type of travel where you have to organize a group of people. We are about making group travel easier,” shares Morrison.

When you open the app, you can see all of the events going on in the desired destination, build an itinerary, view the venues, confirm who is attending, send people reminders and buy tickets directly from the app. You can also keep track of who bought tickets and how much people owe you. “It keeps score right in the app,” Morrison adds.

“We have 120,000 events in our inventory worldwide and 1.9 million properties (like condos and hotels) that can help you plan your ideal trip,” he says.

The Regina-based team has been a part of the Co.Labs program, the beta cohort of the Conexus Incubator and they also spend a lot of time at a downtown workspace.

“From our perspective Regina and Saskatchewan have been great. We’ve been able to access funding and capital. We will be closing a financing deal and the Saskatchewan Technology Startup Incentive plays into that. We are feeling like we had a lot of support,” shares Morrison.


Incorporation Date: July 2017

Cofounders: Kirk Morrison, Andrew Cretin

Number of Employees: 6


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