Canada’s best employee absence management and fulfillment system

The Saskatoon Health Region approached Noodle Cake Solutions to optimize their employee scheduling. Tom Ross and Erik Frederiksen tackled the daunting challenge.

“Every day there are about 300 shift changes between employees calling in sick or requesting a change. Also, when there are more patients, they require more nurses,” shares Ross. “Sixteen people would manually call out these shifts. In large departments, people could be calling hundreds of people a day.”

The solution, NC Smart Call, automates and facilities the process of matching the right employees with available shifts.

Programs for texting and scheduling employees exist, but making these programs conform to business rules, union rules and employee preferences in healthcare is a unique challenge.  “People are delivering critical services in a multiple-union environment. Seniority must be honoured and shifts need to be offered in the right order,” explains Ross.

Prior to NC Smartcall, the 16 schedulers in the Saskatoon Health Region were focused on filling each day’s needs. After the new program was adopted, daily scheduling issues went down to four people, allowing the other schedulers to work into the future and start addressing issues beyond today and tomorrow to minimize impact of upcoming holidays and training time. 

“When we delivered the solution to the Saskatoon Health Region, scheduling-related grievances decreased by 80% and this has made everyone happier,” Ross shares. “The process is tracked and it is completely transparent.”

The team is working on expanding markets to health districts across Canada with a focus on British Columbia and Ontario. The group has recently added three new positions this summer and is currently at 11 employees, with plans for future growth. 

“We intend to be the tech partner for all health organizations. The great ideas to innovate healthcare come from within. When they talk to us, we listen.”

NC Smartcall Product

CoFounders: Erik Frederiksen, Tom Ross

Incorporation Date: May 2014



 NC Smart Call


Employees: 11