Offstreet: The best system to manage complimentary parking in North America

If you have ever owned a storefront business, you know how important parking is for your customers. Matt Fahlman and Kyle Smyth created Offstreet to ensure that complimentary client parking is available for clients, not just people looking for free parking.

Prior to Offstreet, there was not an easy way to manage free guest parking for businesses such as hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and condos. It would fall to lot managers to keep track of people coming in and out of the lot to ensure that parking is available for their clients.

Offstreet installs a self-serve kiosk in your parking lot and when you enter the business, someone will ask you for your licence plate and enter you into the database. The data is sent to a patroller to ensure that clients do not get parking tickets, while catching those that are abusing free parking. The system also allows business owners to track regular clients, length of stay and other statistics to help provide information for running the business.

“One of the shopping centres we work with in downtown Edmonton is close to the University. People would park there for free and go to class,” shares Fahlman. “Every time a business loses their parking, it affects their bottom line.  We set up our system so we could monitor who was coming in and out and eventually there was no one there parking illegally anymore.”

With clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Toronto, the team is aiming to be North America-wide within the next year.

As Offstreet continues to grow, they are still proud to be from Saskatchewan. “We have such gratitude for Co.Labs and the Conexus Incubator. Both have been and will be instrumental in our growth as a company. We are very thankful for those resources.”


Incorporation Date: August 2017

CoFounders: Matt Fahlman, Kyle Smyth

Number of Employees: 4