Canada’s Leader in Personal Safety

When Serese Selanders became the caregiver for her parents she realized that the current system for notifying people that a senior was in distress was outdated.  “I was looking for a solution to keep my dad safe and the traditional medical alert process had not progressed much in 40 years,” she says.

That’s when she created ORA, a smart wearable device disguised in jewelry and sportswear that pairs with your cell phone. You can immediately alert 911 and your loved ones if you are faced with an emergency.

“The ORA that I envisioned was a piece of jewelry that older people would want to wear and it would help them be safe. It revolved around beauty and function,” Selanders shares. “As the business has evolved, our markets have also evolved and we have moved into the world of people who work alone.”

The Saskatchewan-based company sells online to individuals, and to organizations looking to keep their employees safe throughout Canada and the United States. The smart jewelry and sportswear can be found in various designs and colours for both men and women.

The team has recently worked out a deal with a large taxi service to keep drivers safe. They also have contracts with several government agencies to maintain the safety of entire teams of lone workers.

“Inspectors, field workers and anyone who travels can benefit from wearing ORA,” shares Selanders.

“ORA is confidence and safety, not just because it is beautiful, but how it makes people feel. They feel confident and they have peace of mind,” she smiles.

Selanders has reason to smile as she watches ORA disrupt the personal safety industry.

“I started this company and built it as an international company with multiple products. I’ve always built it for growth. It’s poised for growth.”

Ora Products

Founder: Serese Selanders

Incorporation Date: December 2013


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