Salon Scale: The World’s First Digital Colour Bar Scale for Stylists

Hair salons around North America are faced with a business challenge - how much do you charge to colour each person’s hair?

Alicia Soulier identified the problem, “As a salon owner, one of the areas that is hard to control is the colour bar. The problem is the actual cost of colour and how much you use for each client. It’s hard to track and it’s difficult to see if you are making a profit or not,” she shares.

“The light bulb went off when doing a customer’s hair -  the solution is a scale,” she smiles. She and her husband, Ryan, embarked on creating a scale that could automatically tell the managers exactly how much colour was used by each client so the salon can charge accordingly.

The scale automatically feeds the information to an app and a dashboard so managers can view reports. “Salon Scale allows owners to measure what is actually happening in their back bar (or colour bar) and make good business decisions,” explains Soulier.

Salon Scale launched their new product at the beginning of June and immediately had over twenty-five clients. “We are growing this business like a flower, from the inside out. After we have more clients in Saskatchewan, the next steps are Alberta and Manitoba, then British Columbia and Ontario.  Our goal is 833 salons nationwide by Christmas.”

A group of highly-esteemed technology professionals and investors saw the value of the company and recently awarded Salon Scale $15,000 as the winner of the 2018 Co.Launch pitch event.

Soulier is proud to be building Salon Scale in Saskatchewan and credits the technology community for parts of their success. “Participating in Co.Labs has been the game changer for our company. We are not competing with other companies, we are working together for success. My family and my community are here and I am thankful that I can build this company here. I would not have wanted to start anywhere else.”


Founders: Alicia & Ryan Soulier

Incorporation Date: March 2017

Employees: 6


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