April is Earth Month and this year’s theme is all about investing in the planet as the best way to pave a path towards a prosperous future.

Innovation Saskatchewan is investing in the planet by supporting the innovations of the future. Our research and tech parks, funded research partners and funding programs, like the Saskatchewan Advantage Fund (SAIF), accelerate commercialization of game-changing technological innovations, create connections between key ecosystem players and provide early support to many companies working to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

Learn about some of the Saskatchewan companies that have taken advantage of our programs and parks to tackle global and uniquely Saskatchewan issues and implement sustainable solutions.


Prairie Clean Energy

Prairie Clean Energy (PCE) was founded out of the desire to find an environmentally sustainable solution to agricultural waste that would also benefit farmers economically. PCE focuses on transforming agricultural waste like flax straw into renewable biomass fuel products and producing fuel pellets from previously unutilized sources.

Based in Regina, PCE has become a bioenergy leader by providing sustainable and clean prairie-based biomass fuel and tackling the global demand for these sustainable alternatives.


Maven Water & Environment

Maven Water & Environment believes in a sustainable future where clean energy and products are made with minimal impact on water and the environment. Maven focuses on water management and treatment for the mining, oil and gas, and industrial sectors and has developed environmentally friendly water treatment technologies that provide the same robustness and predictability of traditional technologies without the use of large amounts of electricity, harsh chemicals and waste byproducts.

Based in Saskatoon, Maven is on the cutting edge of water management and treatment and works with companies to ensure water resources remain safe while sourcing the materials needed for a sustainable future. 


Greenwave provides data-driven energy management and conservation solutions for electricity, gas and water usage for commercial and industrial facilities. Greenwave’s technology accurately identifies the energy-efficiency opportunities that produce consumption and carbon emission reduction results.

Based in Saskatchewan, Greenwave is committed to supporting sustainability initiatives and delivering energy conservation results that will quantify cost saving and carbon footprint reductions.


Prairie Robotics

Prairie Robotics helps municipalities reduce waste in landfills by using its IoT-based solution to perform automated waste audits at a household level. Prairie Robotics places cameras, GPS, and computers on board recycling vehicles and uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify contaminants and generate education materials customized for each household.

Based in Regina, Prairie Robotics has helped municipalities reduce time, money and resources spent doing waste audits, maximize citizen education and engagement and increase the amount of waste diverted from landfills.


Teal is paving the way for the future of commercial transportation with specialized electric vehicles that overcome the problems faced in harsh climates. Teal’s proprietary battery technology expands the range and lifespan of electric vehicles with designs offering year-round consistent range and long-lasting heavy-duty use.

Based in Saskatoon, Teal is committed to addressing the challenges of the future by building exceptional, cost-effective systems that make electric vehicles the best choice for any climate.


Red Leaf Pulp
Red Leaf Pulp is Canada’s first non-wood pulp facility and aims to accelerate the commercialization of novel wheat straw pulping technologies. Its environmentally conscious pulping method reduces waste by turning agricultural residue into high quality, low-carbon pulp that can be reused as packaging, molded products (e.g., to-go boxes) and tissue.

Based in Regina, Red Leaf Pulp is ready to revolutionize an industry through its commitment to creating a sustainable consumer product.