The Simplest Sports Team App

Dale Lemke and Jay Maharaj have created a Sports Team Management App called TeamLinkt. The Saskatchewan-based company is making it easier for coaches, players and parents to stay organized and connected during the season - no matter the sport.

Lemke shares, “We enable teams to share rosters, schedules, player availability, chat and even live stream their game.  It’s just a really simple to use app that helps teams have a much better season.”

Although there are other platforms that offer team management solutions, most come with out of market advertisements or a fee to the individual teams. TeamLinkt has challenged the business model, they provide an opportunity for retail sports stores to sponsor the app and provide it for free to teams in their community. 

With 50 retail sports stores around North America already signed up for sponsorship, this model has proved a success. “Our competitors have created a pay per team system,” shares Lemke. “Unique to us is that the sporting good stores sponsor the TeamLinkt app, and give it to teams at no cost.”

The app can be used by amateur teams around the world and it can work for any sport.

“For our partners and sponsors, they are able to help local teams save money and organize their season.  It’s a simple way for them to build goodwill, demonstrate community involvement and they as well get some promotional space to communicate with the players/parents.”

Matt Brassard with Sports Connection Source for Sports, one of the current sponsoring stores, shared, “We have had a ton of positive feedback.  I have had coaches and parents stop me in the rink and in my store to thank me for getting this setup.”

Lemke says “Sporting good stores are a natural fit for sponsorship - but car dealerships, banks, restaurants, or anyone business that wants to connect with local sports teams and contribute to their community can benefit”.

With an ambitious plan to grow in North America, the team of seven are well on their way to success. 


Founders: Dale Lemke, Jay Maharaj

Incorporation Date: November 2013


Employees: 7