The Dalmatian: The First Smart Fire Prevention System

Mike Ransom’s family nearly lost their Saskatoon home to a fire. His wife placed a pot of noodles on the stove, was distracted,and left to take their son to swimming lessons. By chance, Mike had left his wallet at home that day and returned to a home filled with dark, thick smoke. After determining that his family was safely away from the house he managed to stop the pot from igniting. There was no fire, but there was heavy smoke damage to the home and it took months for the family to recover.

Unattended cooking is the number one cause of household fires.  Ransom shares, “We’ve all done it at some point, we’ve just been lucky to catch it in time. Almost every person I’ve talked to has forgotten something on the stove at one time or another.”

Understanding that smoke damage can be just as damaging as a fire, the journeyman electrician decided to create a system that doesn’t simply react to a fire that is already started like a smoke alarm or sprinkler system. He created a product that prevents the fire and smoke damage altogether.

Mike joined forces with Jackie Martin, a seasoned home construction professional, to develop the idea for The Dalmatian, a 12 x 12 box mounted by your main electrical panel connects your smoke alarm to select plugs in your kitchen. The moment that the smoke alarm detects a problem, The Dalmatian automatically shuts off electricity to the cooking appliances to stop smoke damage and an eventual fire.

The main market for the Dalmatian is multi-family buildings like apartment buildings and condos, but single family homes can also benefit. Martin says, “We’ve had some great contracts with rental companies and landlords are adding them to apartments that are being built. It adds security and insurance benefits.”

The next step for the team is developing a second product that is IOT compatible.  This product will be most beneficial in single family homes that are already constructed.  It will also allow family members to monitor the device remotely, and enable the user to disconnect power using their smart phone if the stove has been left on.  The team is also working on monitoring systems for senior care facilities, so the residents can maintain their independence for as long as possible.

“The Dalmatian is your home’s best friend,” says Martin. “It’s about peace of mind.”


Founders: Jackie Martin, Mike Ransom

Incorporation Date: June 2013

Employees: 2

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