ZestyKits: The First Local Meal Kit Company in the Canadian Prairies

Sisters Annie and Catherine Beaudoin are passionate about healthy and local food. “We grew up with whole food, whole grains and we never went out to eat,” shares Catherine. “As we became adults, we continued to research and learn. Our friends started coming to us for advice and it became clear that although they wanted to eat healthy meals, oftentimes they did not have the time to shop and cook.”

The two turned their passion into an online meal kit subscription service called ZestyKits. The meal kits are pre-measured ingredients and include local meats and produces as well as freshly-made sauces and spice blends. Scanning the QR code attached to the kit brings you to the weekly menu page. Each recipe feature illustrated steps, tips to include kids in meal preparation and health facts from a local naturopath. The kits also include recommended wine pairings. The owners believe enjoying a glass of wine allows clients to slow down and it makes cooking a fun activity.

“We believe that food should be an experience rather than a chore. We want people to slow down and enjoy the cooking process. Wine pairing contribute to this so that everyone can enjoy the activity,” shares Annie.

ZestyKits currently serves clients in Regina, but they have ambitious plans to become the main local meal kit service across the Prairies. “We know there is a need in the Prairies to have healthy foods that are ready to cook and easy. Cooking something delicious makes your house smell good, is a creative activity and a self-esteem boost,” smiles Catherine.

“ZestyKits is more than food. Once you teach someone to cook a healthy meal, they always have that skill.  ZestyKits is a teaching subscription,” says Annie.

The two are happy to share the story of one of their clients who wanted to improve her health. After she started going to the gym and using ZestyKits, she is much healthier and now she loves cooking. In the first day, she baked two kits and posted all over social media.

“We are building ZestyKits to be flexible and agile to adjust to the changing needs of our clients. We recently added a vegan line and are offering gluten friendly and double the meat options” says Catherine.

As ZestyKits has already grown to a team of four, the founders are excited about the prospect of growing the company in Saskatchewan. “The entrepreneur group in Regina is growing really fast. It’s awesome to be a part of the community and see the community grow.”


Incorporation Date: February 2018

Cofounders: Annie Beaudoin, Catherine Beaudoin

Number of Employees: 4

Website: www.zestykits.com

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