Innovation Saskatchewan Launches the Innovation Challenge Program

The Innovation Challenge program harnesses the ideas and expertise of Saskatchewan’s innovative entrepreneurs, together with government, to rapidly solve public sector challenges. In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Innovation Saskatchewan is seeking technology solutions to the following challenge: “How can technology be used to monitor the amount of solid waste…

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Unique U of S-led event brings together academics and industry to tackle latest challenges in AgTech

SASKATOON, SK. — What is the scope for genomics to improve crops frost tolerance? What impacts will Blockchain have on the agricultural industry? What are the most cost effective and precise methods for determining plant health and diagnosing issues? These were some of the questions from industry addressed at the AIMday™ AgTech event on October 31st, as Saskatchewan academic…

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Saskatchewan Launches New Tax Incentive for Technology Startups

The province’s growing technology sector will receive an additional boost through Innovation Saskatchewan’s new tax incentive program.The Saskatchewan Technology Startup Incentive (STSI) is a non-refundable 45 per cent tax credit for individual, corporate, or venture capital corporations investing in eligible startup businesses (ESBs) on a first-come-first-serve-basis.  An…

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