IntraGrain: Solving the Problem of Grain Spoilage

When Kyle Folk was helping on his family farm in 2009 he discovered that an entire bin of canola had spoiled. As this type of spoilage does not qualify for insurance, his family lost significant revenue. He asked the question, “Why did we not see this coming?”

The resulting company, IntraGrain Technologies Inc., is dedicated to solving the problem of grain spoilage.

Statistically, Canada has the best storage practices in the world, yet every year we lose nearly $1 billion (up to 5%) of grain. Some countries lose as much as 30-50% of their harvested crop. “Let's stop wasting our food. The worst part of the annual billion-dollar loss is that it comes directly out of the pockets of farmers,” laments Folk.

He adds, “Our lost bin was a personal pain and we want to prevent that pain for other farmers.”

BIN-SENSE® is one of IntraGrain’s leading products. It allows farmers to monitor the conditions in their bins and will alert them if anything is outside of their set parameters for moisture and temperature. If a farmer gets an alert, he or she can immediately take action to save the grain.

IntraGrain estimates that they have saved their customers more than $20 million -  that's money directly in farmer’s pockets.

Experiencing growth of nearly 1,500% over four years propelled IntraGrain to be one of the only Saskatchewan companies to place in the Deloitte 2017 Technology Fast 50 program. This esteemed standing is a testament to the demand, execution and vision of the company.

“There is no more arable land available, yet we must increase the amount of grain available to feed the world. Why not eliminate spoilage and have access to everything that we grow?” shares Folk.

IntraGrain has a very strong vision. “The goal is to continue helping farmers reduce risk, eliminate waste, and feed the world. The farmers are what drives what we do, because in the end their hard work and risk is what puts food on everyone’s plates.” 

Founder: Kyle Folk

Incorporation Date: May 2011




Employees: 40