Manage and Share Training Certifications For Free 

Large-scale construction projects often have multiple companies working on different parts of the project. Each company has a different way of communicating with their own employees and maintaining records of training certifications. Verifying this information can be a real headache for project managers who are tasked with ensuring compliant workers on all worksites.

To address this problem, Saskatchewan entrepreneurs Greg Reimche and Mark Wolff created myComply, a platform that allows for the management of worker certifications amongst all companies on a project.  The software works for industries that have safety training for compliance such as construction, engineering, mining, and oil and gas.

“From a company level, myComply is a great way to manage training information. From a project level, it is important for all companies to be sharing information and making sure all people on a site are safe,” says Reimche.

The team of five created myComply to be extremely user-friendly with the intent to standardize how all training is managed and verified in industry. There are automatic reminders for expiring certifications and dashboards for companies to monitor the entire safety network of their employees and subcontractors.

Companies can use myComply for free indefinitely and for a small setup fee, myComply’s support team will import and setup all employees and training certifications for a company, saving administrative time for safety managers.

“Training is extremely important in ensuring safe worksites and myComply provides transparency regarding all contractors and their workers.”  

The self-funded startup has pilot projects with large-scale companies underway, in addition to early adopting construction companies in Canada and the United States that are raving about the ease of use and the benefits. As the founders and CEO, Lee Evans, aim to secure investment in the next few months, exciting times are ahead for the company. 

Founders:  Greg Reimche, Mark Wolff

Interview With: Lee Evans; Programmer: Dustin Gamester

Incorporation Date: November 2015


Employees: 5