Workplace Safety Evolved

Craig Fraser started his career as a safety officer and he found that dealing with the paperwork for safety on a construction site was a job in itself. “I wanted to streamline the process so I could actually do the job that I went to school for- enforcing safety and educating people why safety is important, rather than chasing paperwork.”

When his childhood friend, Ryan Quiring started showing him another software project he had developed, the two started chatting about the possibility of creating a paperless system to keep construction sites safe.

They developed a safety program for construction workers that collected data and submitted it directly to a data base. “That was the Minimal Viable Product 2015, when our goal was to eliminate paper,” laughs Quiring.

He continues, “With feedback from our clients, we now have built in system management. They can track real time form submissions, filter critical data in seconds from a supervisor dashboard, and we have included incident tracking modules.”

As the team has grown to nine people, SafetyTek is expanding into the construction site auditing space with workplace audits, site inspections with a scoring system, and subcontractor management. 

“We are even accommodating timesheet management now,” shares Fraser.

The approach has netted the team several significant contracts. SunPower manufactures, designs and installs solar panels and has 1.5B in revenue. “They came to us to help incorporate a digital platform for employees and subcontractors and we won! Sunpower believes that Canadian software is of high quality. They contacted us and we catered to them. We were available when they called,” shares Quiring.

SafetyTek plans to expand into manufacturing, engineering, installation, and contractor areas to harmonize their processes, as well.

The company has been growing 300% year after year since 2015 with no investment to date. “We have hit every single target so far,” smiles Quiring. “We are going to maintain that trend. We are currently hiring,”

SafetyTek recently won the TELUS Technology Accelerator2, a six-month program designed to create relationships between up and coming tech companies and TELUS to help them grow their business. Each company presented their growth and success during the program and SafetyTek was selected as the winner. They received $30,000 seed money and an additional 50 hours of mentorship. 

The team is proud of their Saskatchewan base. Fraser adds “The network of people in Saskatchewan is fantastic. Everybody knows somebody that is willing to help. There’s value in the network here.”


Incorporated February 2014

Founders: Ryan Quiring, Craig Fraser




Employees: 9