SkillShark, founded by Neil Anderson, is an athlete evaluation software that saves coaches 50+ hours by eliminating the need for data entry and spreadsheets. Their evaluation templates are fully customizable where a coach can measure on any sport, skill, and metric, as well as analyze real-time player rankings. SkillShark is currently trusted by thousands of organizations, including Team Canada, USSSA, Canadian Football League, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

One of the initiatives that SkillShark participated in was the Innovation Saskatchewan Made in Saskatchewan Technology (MIST) program, enabling the organization to work with and build a collaborative relationship with the Government of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure and the Public Service Commission, assisting in the government’s Management and Executive Talent Inventory process. 

Seeing the transferability and usefulness of SkillShark’s software through their experience in the MIST program, they have now launched a brand-new HR-focused product called Deep Dive 360. This solution helps organizations evaluate employees digitally through features including 360 yearly reviews, peer reviews, self-assessments, and one-on-one meetings. Deep Dive 360 aims to continue increasing employee productivity and engagement through more frequent and better feedback. 

SkillShark has also benefitted from the Saskatchewan Technology Startup Incentive (STSI) by Innovation Saskatchewan, an aggressive angel investment initiative that offers a 45% tax credit to investors. They have now raised nearly $700K in seed funding through the STSI.

We are excited to see SkillShark’s continued success on their innovations!


Founder: Neil Anderson

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