Skylite Labs: The First Solution to Build, Control and Automate your Smart Home

Software developers Krzysztof Voss, Tyler Rampton and Leejay Schmidt were attempting to set up a smart home environment and they had a hard time. “We are all very comfortable with tech and it still took a week to get our smart home set up,” shares Rampton.

“Smart homes should be available to everyone. The tech exists to create these homes but the hard part is the installation and automations,” adds Schmidt.

Smart home technology can make people’s lives much easier. From turning on your coffee maker whenever you wake up, to adjusting the temperature of your home for optimum energy savings, the possibilities are endless.

“If you always play music when you cook, the next time you cook it will ask you if you want to play some music. If you want to listen to or restart a podcast, remember if you locked the door, unlock for friends for family or secure your home when on vacation, Smart technology can help,” says Voss.

The problem is that many people are not sure what smart home devices are right for them and are often overwhelmed with different devices, apps, and operating systems once they have started using them.

Skylite has solved this problem by setting up an end-to-end system that helps people choose the right devices for their smart home. After clients are set up, they can use the Skylite app to keep track of everything from their phone.  The app will integrate all different kinds of devices and also start to suggest automations to make life easier.

“Compared to traditional automations that can cost $30,000-$90,000 you can get a well-functioning smart home with us for less than $500,” smiles Schmidt. “If you go to our website, we will walk you through the entire process from finding the right devices for you to helping you set the devices up.”

“We’ve vetted the products to ensure that they have reached a minimum standard. From there, you have the app, you add the devices to the app and immediately you can control them from one place,” explains Rampton.

Voss adds, “Our core value of ensuring people’s privacy and safety are paramount. Their personal space and data are highly respected.”

The group will continue to develop their business out of Co.Labs in Saskatoon because “It’s a very strong community. We have access to solid talent that is hardworking at costs that can make a company sustainable. We see a lot of passion and drive from the people around here,” shares Schmidt.


Incorporation: Aug 2017

Employees: 6

Founders: Krzysztof Voss, Tyler Rampton, Leejay Schmidt


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