Success Stories


Krugo: The End of Ten-Tab Trip Planning Kirk Morrison has organized many trips for “the boys.” The planning required to organize a group’s event schedule, restaurant reservations, tours, hotels and travel can be overwhelming for the person that falls into the role of organizer. Oftentimes, they are left using spreadsheet templates and “ten tabs open on their computer”…

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Regina Open Door Society Hackathon

Regina Open Door Society Hackathon: Bringing Together Newcomers to Canada and the Tech Industry On October 18, 2018, the Regina Open Door Society (RODS) held its inaugural Working Code Hackathon. Working with Innovation Saskatchewan and Innovation Place, the event was designed to bring together newcomers to Canada and the tech sector. Many newcomers have professional experience and education in…

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Zesty Kits

ZestyKits: The First Local Meal Kit Company in the Canadian Prairies Sisters Annie and Catherine Beaudoin are passionate about healthy and local food. “We grew up with whole food, whole grains and we never went out to eat,” shares Catherine. “As we became adults, we continued to research and learn. Our friends started coming to us for advice and it became clear that although they…

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