Greenwave Innovations: The Future of Sustainability

Countless conversations about energy use and the possibility of making more informed consumption decisions sparked Mike Tate, Dean Clark, and Jared Lukomski to find a sustainable solution. The group was determined to provide energy management systems to help buildings conserve water, electricity, and gas, which led to the creation of Greenwave Innovations. “Greenwave isn’t a renewable…

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Tech Skills Showcase: An Opportunity for Newcomer I.T. Professionals to Show Off Their Skills

When Victoria Flores from Regina Open Door Society and Andrew Wahba from Innovation Saskatchewan met at Small Business Week a few years ago, the two talked about the process of getting newcomers settled in Saskatchewan. Once they started brainstorming how to connect technology professionals to the tech industry in Saskatchewan, the idea of the Tech Skills Showcase came together. “It started…

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How Saskatchewan Research Is Supporting the COVID-19 Efforts

We’re proud to be living in a province that has been so diligent in flattening the curve, and we’re even more proud of the progress that Saskatchewan's technology and research sectors have made in support of COVID-19 efforts. At Innovation Saskatchewan, we are always committed to supporting our researchers —and it’s especially important during this trying time. We spoke…

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