Success Stories

Canadian Isotope Innovations

Canadian Isotopes Innovation: The Cleanest Way for Making Isotopes  Isotopes are a critical part of testing in our healthcare system. Used in hospitals for many of diagnostic tests, isotopes are critical for procedures like cardiac stress tests and bone scans to follow up on cancer. After the two reactors that provided over half of the isotopes to the world shut-down creating an isotope…

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HackRegina - Creating Connections within Regina's tech Community What started as a simple Slack channel to stay in touch with colleagues has now become an association for Regina’s growing tech community. In January 2017, founder David Crossman simply wanted an easy way to connect and collaborate with local developers. “I was inspired by work done a few years ago, where people…

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Draganfly Innovations: One of The World’s First Quadcopters In 1998, Zenon Dragan and his team created a remote control flying saucer with a helium balloon and fan motors for a “fun, cool thing to do.” The experiment evolved into the world’s first quadcopter, a small helicopter with four rotors. The team added cameras to the quadcopter and tackled the challenge of keeping…

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