BetterCart Analytics Is Transforming The Grocery Industry With Its Competitive Intelligence Platform

BetterCart Analytics is innovating for competitiveness on every level to help improve the lives of Canadians. Their centralized pricing data and competitive intelligence platform allows food industry companies to make data-driven decisions to achieve peak performance and profitability and helps consumers’ dollars go even further. For Canadian Innovation Week’s theme…

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CLS Advances Equitable Education Through Community-Based Indigenous Outreach

  Equity and inclusivity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is vital to its growth and the continued development of our society; however, there is a lack of diversity in STEM due to lack of opportunities and representation. For example, according to the Conference Board of Canada, Indigenous people make up approximately 4% of adults in Canada, but less than…

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Saskatchewan Companies are Investing in the Future of the Planet

April is Earth Month and this year’s theme is all about investing in the planet as the best way to pave a path towards a prosperous future. Innovation Saskatchewan is investing in the planet by supporting the innovations of the future. Our research and tech parks, funded research partners and funding programs, like the Saskatchewan Advantage Fund (SAIF), accelerate commercialization of…

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