Success Stories


SkillShark - Athlete Evaluations Made Simple Four years ago, engineer Neil Anderson took over the U18 Girls Softball Program in Saskatoon and was greeted with a stack of paper athlete evaluations. Like so many sports, the league used pen and paper to record the data as they evaluated their athletes. The manual process was time-consuming, tedious and prone to error. Anderson knew there had to be a…

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Luxsonic: Pioneers in Virtual Reality for Healthcare Applied with the intent of bettering humanity, new technologies can be a dramatic force of positive change in our society. Luxsonic was founded by Dr. Mike Wesolowski, PhD, with this principle in mind. The company is pioneering the development and use of cutting edge virtual reality (VR) applications for medicine and healthcare. Luxsonic’s…

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ComIT: Making the Basics of Programming Accessible to Everyone ComIT, a Winnipeg-based charitable organization, has a mission – bringing technology learning to motivated people in need of quality, long-term employment. Executive Director Pablo Listingart started ComIT in his native Argentina with co-founder Maria Soledad Acuña in 2011 and brought the idea to Canada in 2016 with…

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