Eligible MIST Companies

The MIST program aims to connect the Provincial Government to Saskatchewan technology-based companies whose products may improve Government service delivery. The following companies have been pre-approved to participate in the MIST program making them eligible for a contract of up to $10,000 to have their technology used by Government.

Innovation Saskatchewan is actively seeking Government partners to implement the products or services of these companies for a period of up to 6-months. If you work for the provincial government and feel that a company may have a solution to improve your operations, services, and/or citizen experience, please contact us at mist@innovationsask.ca. We will be happy to provide you with more information about the program.



skillshark logo

SkillShark is an athlete evaluation software that allows coaches and evaluators to use pre-built templates to assess and track players with the touch of a button.  The SkillShark mobile app and web platform can instantly create reports and rankings for coaches.  SkillShark allows organizations to put the pen and paper away for a better evaluation process.  Learn more about SkillShark on their website: www.skillshark.net


Offstreet Technology Inc. builds parking management software to digitize parking permits.  Their cloud-based platform integrates monthly permit management, invoicing, and compliance onto one platform.  Offstreet drastically reduces the amount of administration work needed to manage a parking facility while eliminating plastic and paper waste.  Learn more about Offstreet on their website: www.joinoffstreet.com

athlete era logo

Athlete Era is an educational technology company that specializes in movement education that is personalized and digitized.  Athlete Era’s solution helps grow participation in youth sport by providing organizations with the ability to efficiently distribute their coach training and support resources to volunteer coaches through a mobile app.  The skill lab function of the mobile app empowers users to teach themselves technique basics for a variety of sports and exercise skills. Learn more about Athlete Era on their website: www.athlete-era.com


Seezwho measures customer engagement in real-time.  Seezwho software enables users to assess what customers are saying about their company by analyzing emails, social media, and other text-based files.  This information is converted into a customer satisfaction intelligence score to help companies understand and quickly respond.  Learn more about Sezzwho on their website: www.sezzwho.com

tsm logo


TSM Contractors have developed a remote-control mobile flagger for road construction sites.  The mobile flagger removes the need for a human Flagger to be on the road.  A trained human Flagger can operate the mobile device from a safe location away from the threat of traffic.  For more information please contact founder, Leo Beaulieu at: tsm@sasktel.net

luxsonic logo

Luxsonic develops virtual reality software that is used by the best medical institutions in the country to improve education, training, and healthcare outcomes.  The company has created, SieVRt, Canada's first virtual reality medical imaging software for use in medical education, radiology, and pre-surgical planning.  Luxsonic also develops customized virtual reality content and applications for institutional clients, including health regions, medical schools, and professional societies.  Learn more about Luxsonic Technologies Inc. on their website: www.luxsonic.ca



Townfolio provides data and dashboards for over 400 governments across North America, from small towns to the federal government.  From demographics to the economy, Townfolio's 5-million-point database powers analytical tools like dashboards, comparisons, and indexes to help users spot trends and analyze conditions.  Clients can also use Townfolio's performance dashboard product for tracking goals or monitoring internal department performance.  Learn more about Townfolio on their website: http://jointownfolio.com/

kijenga logo


Kijenga is an online matchmaking service, connecting homeowners with certified and reputable contractors throughout Saskatchewan.  It's a fast and free way to get multiple quotes from qualified professionals.  From bathrooms and basements to siding and shingles, find your next contractor through Kijenga.  Kijenga offers custom vendor management solutions for insurance companies, school boards, property managers, government agencies, municipalities, and community-based organizations.  Learn more about Kijenga on their website: https://kijenga.com/

rivercity logo


Rivercity Innovation has developed asset tracking technology called BeeSecure that has the ability to follow belongings wherever they go. Items can be tracked to specific locations using GPS coordinates. If an asset is stolen, the owner is alerted, and its location can be directly shared with law enforcement. The tracker has been tested to ensure it works in the most remote areas and the harshest climates. Learn more about BeeSecure on their website: https://beesecure.ca/


EchoLotto digitizes the 50-50 raffle process minimizing the need for paper tickets and volunteer hours. Organizers spend more time enjoying their events, all while raising more money for their chosen charity. All this, while adhering to licensing regulations, making it fun, legal, and secure for everyone. Learn more about EchoLotto on their website: https://echolotto.com/



Jobbox Software has developed a cloud-based field service management software called ServiceBox. ServiceBox streamlines operations and improves business processes such as quoting, work orders, scheduling, maintenance, invoicing, payments, and timesheets to save its customers time and money. Learn more about ServiceBox on their website: www.getservicebox.com