In 2012, Jon Clifford’s friend asked him to find software to manage and maintain his plumbing company’s work orders. After an extensive search, he couldn’t find the right software to solve the problem. After coming up with some ideas, he partnered with Mike Schudel and they decided to build ServiceBox.

ServiceBox is a business workflow program, file management system, and work order tool all rolled into one powerful platform. “We’ve designed the product to be easy and logical, but there is also a lot happening,” explains Clifford.

The Cloud-based software gives business owners a 360º view of their operations, helping them minimize risk and increase efficiency. Originally designed for HVAC businesses, ServiceBox has succeeded in becoming a full feature software for service companies of all industries. The platform allows users to manage their workflows of quoting, work orders, scheduling, maintenance, invoicing, payments, and timesheets.

In 2016, the team developed integrations accounting programs like Sage 50 (Canada), QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Stripe and began to rise above their competitors. “We had to make the accounting integrations solid, and as much as I hated it, it was the best decision we made,” laughs Clifford. “The system is so solid and configurable; anyone can come at us with a weird configuration, and we can make it work for them.”

“Once we had that, we basically had the main chunks of what businesses were needing. Eighty percent of companies could use us right there and then,” adds Clifford.

The ServiceBox team takes a hands-on approach to make sure they are the right fit for the customer. Starting with a demo process, they showcase the software to see how it will meet customer needs, and then they decide on a customized subscription plan. The team gets companies set up, trains employees, and provides ongoing assistance with access to their service desk. The responsive app gives users the option to use all of the product features via desktop or smartphone.

Clifford and Schudel plan to position ServiceBox to be more dominant across North America. “I’m okay if we become the #1 company in Canada,” smiles Clifford.

Connecting with Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) and the Government of Canada's National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) initially helped ServiceBox take off as a startup, and since then, the company has made great connections to contribute to their growth. They are a Cultivator GROW Company, and through the involvement of Innovation Saskatchewan, ServiceBox is an eligible company in the Made In Saskatchewan Technology (MIST) program as well as the Saskatchewan Technology Startup Incentive (STSI).

The team has been thrilled by all of the support they’ve received in Saskatchewan. The tech ecosystem here is becoming much stronger, and the team intends to continue its success in the province. “Conexus resources are awesome, and there are more and more investment opportunities, such as with STSI and the Innovation Challenges,” says Clifford. “There has never been a case when someone is not willing to help. Everyone wants to see each other be successful!”


Co-founders: Jon Clifford, Mike Schudel

Incorporation Date: Oct 2012

Employees: 8


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